After the abolishment of the Inter-ministerial Committee for the Coordination of Energy Emergencies and the Technical Secretariat (article 3 of the Decree of the President of the Republic dated 9 May 1994, no. 608) the functions of the Committee are now performed by the Conference of Services which meets on decision of the Ministry for the Economic Development, in accordance with art. 14 of the Law 7 dated August 1990, no. 241 and sub. amendments.


In case of an emergency, representatives of Administrations, Agencies and Energy Companies are called to attend the Conference.


The Conference of services has the aim to define the objectives, provide operational guidance and guarantee the execution of the all operations in case of an emergency.


Pursuant to Legislative Decree 249/12, art. 20, par. 3, sub a), in re-defining the internal structure of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Directorial Decree of September 26th, 2013 has set up the “Oil Emergency Committee”, which includes among its members representatives of OCSIT and the energy sector (oil, gas, electrical energy and distribution).


The Oil Emergency Committee carry out specific tasks related to crisis management as well as data monitoring and preparation of the information, data and analyses useful to the decision making process. Moreover, it guarantees the coordination with the IEA structure based in Paris which is responsible to manage the energy emergency.