The Ministry of the Economic Development (MiSE) has an important role of surveillance and direction determination over OCSIT, although it is not a shareholder.


As a matter of fact, Legislative Decree 249/12 provides that, on a periodic basis, Acquirente Unico’s Board of Directors reports to MiSE on the activities carried out by OCSIT.


MEF (Ministry of Finance) and MiSE, jointly, have the duty to determine, through a decree, the amount of the subsidy allotted to OCSIT with the purpose to guarantee its economic, financial, and equity balance.


Legislative Decree 249/12 also provides for the creation of a consultation Committee composed of the representatives of the industry associations in order to indicate the implementation status of the business plan and share possible proposals on the activities that OCSIT shall carry out. The representatives of MiSE also attend this Committee.