Internal Events

A supply crisis may be triggered by events happening either locally (internal event) or internationally (external event).


The emergency plan to act in case of internal events is the following:

  1. The Ministry for the Economic Development convenes a meeting of the Oil Emergency Committee to assess the situation;
  2. Depending on the outcome of the assessment the Ministry asks for a consultation with the European Coordination Group, in order to obtain a confirmation and thus a declaration of supply disruption by the European Commission, and the authorization to release of emergency stocks;
  3. Within 24 hours from the communication of activation of the emergency, the Oil Emergency Committee, advised by the Director of Security of Supply and Energy Infrastructures, calls for a meeting of the Conference of Services.

Tasks of the Conference of Services

The participants in the Conference of Services are the representatives of interested Administrations, Agencies (including the Civil Protection Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers) and the Ministries of Defense, Health, Transports and Infrastructures, Environment and protection of territory and sea. Also representatives of the oil companies are invited to attend.