External Events

A supply crisis may be triggered by events happening either locally (internal event) or internationally (external event).


The emergency plan to act in case of external events is the following:

  1. Pre-alert situation: a preliminary assessment of the situation is made in case of a potential risk by the international organizations: the Oil Coordination Group of the European Union and the Division for the energy policy of the International Energy Agency;
  2. Emergency situation: As the situation evolves, the Initial Evaluation is spread by the IEA Executive Director or by the EU correspondent officer;
  3. Emergency activation: 24 hours after the emergency event and at least 72 hours after the Initial Evaluation, the IEA Executive Director or an EU officer divulges a communication of emergency activation (international decision) to the “NESO” domestic structures (National Emergency Sharing Organization);
  4. Within 24 hours after the communication of emergency activation, the Director for the  security of supplies and energetic infrastructures alerts the Oil Emergency Committee which convoke the Conference of Services. In this event the Committee performs the secretarial duties and the support tasks required for the regular functioning of the Conference.