Worldwide ECS

Country ECS Name Descrizione Sito Web
Austria ELG (Erdoel-Lagergesellschaft m.b.H.) ELG is Austria’s central stockholding entity. As such it plays a major part in fulfilling the country’s 90-day oil stockholding commitment – and thus maintaining energy supply security during emergencies.
Belgium APETRA APETRA is the public limited company with social goal that manages the strategic oil stocks of Belgium.
Bulgaria SASRWTS (State Agency State Reserve and War-time Stocks) Organizes and controls the accumulation, maintenance, refreshing and accounting of the state reserves and war-time stocks.
Croatia CHA (HANDA - Croatian Compulsory Oil Stocks Agency) Agency that assures the competence of compulsory oil stocks in Croatia
Cyprus COSMOS (KODAP - Cyprus Organization for the Storage And Management of Oil Stocks) Cyprus organisation for storage and management of oil stocks.
Czech Republic ASMR CZ (Administration of State Material Reserves of Czech Republic) SSHR is the state administration’s central body in the sphere of crisis situations - related economic measures and state material reserves.
Denmark FDO The Danish Central Oil Stockholdings ensures oil supply security in Denmark.
Estonia OSPA (Estonian Oil Stockpiling Agency) Company established by the Government of the Republic on the basis of the Liquid Fuel Stocks Act for the purpose of establishment, maintenance and holding of the compulsory oil stocks of the Republic of Estonia.
Finland NESA (National Emergency Supply Agency) Organisation working under the Ministry of economic affairs and employment. It is tasked with planning and measures related to developing and maintaining security of supply.
France SAGESS SAGESS has the role of maintaining and managing strategic oil reserves.
Germany EBV The EBV take on exclusive responsability for Germany's strategic oil reserves.
Hungary HUSA (Hungarian Hydrocarbon Stockpiling Association) Organização responsável pelo armazenamento de hidrocarbonetos na Hungria.
Ireland NORA (National Oil Reserves Agency) NORA is responsible for the maintenance of strategic supplies of oil in line with the state’s stockholding obligations to the EU and IEA.
Japan JOGMEC (Japan Oil Gas and Metals National Corporation) JOGMEC integrates the functions of the former Japan National Oil Corporation, which was in charge of securing a stable supply of oil and natural gas, and the former Metal Mining.
Korea KNOC (Korea National Oil Corporation) Korea National Oil Corporation is carrying out its national mission of "securing stable oil supply" through domestic to overseas oil development and domestic oil stockpiling business.
Latvia MoE (Ministry of Economics of Latvia) - LCSE
Lithuania LNPA (LOPA - Lithuanian Oil Products Agency) Central organization of the Republic of Lithuania that collects and manages stocks of petroleum products and crude oil.
Luxembourg OCRA (Minstry of the Economy)
Malta MRA – Malta Resources Authority Malta Resources Authority è un ente pubblico istituito nel 2000 con la Malta Resources Act per la regolamentazione delle risorse idriche, energetiche e minerali, per la promozione dell'efficienza energetica e delle energie rinnovabili e con responsabilità nei settori dell'esplorazione petrolifera e dei cambiamenti climatici.
Netherlands COVA The Netherlands Petroleum Stockpiling Agency (COVA) is the independent national organization which is responsible for the strategic oil stocks of the Netherlands.
Poland ARM (Material Reserves Agency, MRA) The Material Reserves Agency executes tasks mainly in management of strategic reserves, creates and maintains agency stocks of crude oil and petroleum products and oversees the compulsory stocks of crude oil and petroleum products.
Portugal ENMC - Entidade para o Mercado de Combustiveis, EPE (Portuguese State Petroleum Stockpiling Agency) ENSE keeping its specific skills as central stockholding entity in the constitution and maintenance of the strategic portion of national emergency stocks of oil and petroleum products and adding new responsibilities in terms of supervising and monitoring all the energy sector.
Slovak Republic EOSA (Administration of State Material Reserves of Slovak Republic) The State Material Reserves consist of material reserves, mobilization reserves and emergency stocks.
Slovenia ZRSBR (Zavod Republike Slovenije za blagovne rezerve) The Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Commodity Reserves was established to provide services of general economic interest for the establishment and utilisation of strategic community reserves, and the establishment and maintenance of emergency reserves of crude oil and/or petroleum products.
Spain CORES Cores is the stockholding entity responsible for maintaining and controlling strategic reserves in Spain.
Switzerland CARBURA CARBURA is the Swiss Organisation for stockholding of liquid fuels.
U.S.A. SPR (U.S. Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy) The Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) is the world's largest supply of emergency crude oil.